Choosing a brand new translation partner in 2021? Here’s what you should know

Selecting a translation partner for your new B2B project or business expansion can be a daunting task for any team. In particular,  those who find themselves in this situation for the first time may not know where to start. A good, thoughtful translation can help a great deal to get your message across to new audiences and further grow your business, so it is of extreme importance you choose wisely.

Once you find a solid partner you can trust, life definitely becomes easier and you can focus freely on your core business. So where do you start?

Research, research and more research

Based on your industry, start with a Google search of the top translation companies in your space. Vendors who are specialised in your industry will more accurately understand your business needs and will be able to better portray your vision in their translations.

Check reviews, industry experience, overall presentation of services and come up with a shortlist of 3-5 companies you’d like to have conversations with to learn more. Also, be sure to consult your network and ask for recommendations from people you trust.

Quality and certifications

Ensure the language service providers you choose are certified according to European or International standards. ISO9001 and ISO 17100 are typically the most encountered ones, the latter concerning the provision of translation services. It’s the European standard that defines quality requirements and certifies services, including all stages of a translation process.

Selecting a partner that follows specific guidelines like the ones above brings the assurance that you will be provided a high level service by specialised professionals and that all procedures will follow an international standard.

Technology and workflows

While similarities can be found, each company has a different way of operating when it comes to workflows and the technology they use. Make sure that if you have systems that need integration, their tech stack can do that. Moreover, beyond certifications, they must have a clearly laid out workflow for the entire process so that you know exactly what to expect every step of the way.

Security and confidentiality

Make sure that they have well-documented and rigorously follow confidentiality and data protection policies. There are certain security certifications that ensure data security, for example ISO 9001 covers some security aspects.


Once you’ve checked all boxes – experience, certifications, tech stack, workflows, security policies and reviews, the final piece to complete the picture is communication.

How did the introductory calls go? Did they ask good questions that highlighted their experience in the industry? Are they direct and straightforward communicators?

The answer to these questions will help you choose your next translation partner because they set the tone for the entire partnership. Select a team that is genuinely interested in learning all about your business so they can represent your voice through their work. Select a team that communicates with you in a very clear manner, swiftly and efficiently.

We hope these pointers help in your search for a great translation partner! We are always excited for an introductory call to learn more about your business and incoming projects, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We are an international translation company, with experience in multiple industries including life sciences, marketing, e-commerce and gaming.

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