Case study

Content owner for IT technology industry


One of our clients in the IT technology industry had previously relied on outsourcing their translation needs to various freelancers, but they wanted to streamline their process and improve the quality and consistency of their translations. This is when they got in contact with us and briefed us on the issues.

Shortly after our collaboration started, they decided to allow us full control of their content ownership. This involved not only translating technical documentation and marketing materials, but also managing the localization process and creation of constant content for their blogs.


We approached this with a clear workflow for translation and transcreation, developing a project management system that allowed us to easily track the communication between teams involved in every aspect of content creation, translation and localization. This involved coordinating with various departments within the company, including marketing, product development, and customer support, to ensure that all translation needs were met in a timely and efficient manner.


We chose some of our best linguists and localization experts to meet the company’s needs for various languages and technical subject matters. We conducted a thorough screening process to make sure all the content was appropriately localized, keeping within the company’s brand and tone of voice, as well as all the specific technical terminology and industry jargon that was unique to the IT Technology field.

Our team oversaw all aspects of content creation, translation and localization, from initial request to final delivery


Overall, our experience as a content owner for this IT technology industry business was a success. By streamlining the translation process and establishing a clear workflow, we were able to improve the quality and consistency of the company's translations, while also reducing the time and costs associated with outsourcing translation work to various freelancers. We provided valuable support to the company, helping them to expand their reach and increase their global presence in the competitive software development industry.