Case study

Being smart about going global

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, businesses are looking to expand their reach beyond the local market and e-commerce retailers, in particular, are well positioned to take advantage of global opportunities.

Communicating effectively with the customers in their native language is one of the fundamentals of successful e-commerce business. Providing item descriptions in the mother-tongue can be a challenge. Add the customer reviews, feedback and emails and you got yourself quite the headache.

Did you know you can go from local to global in 1 click?

Content that is constantly renewed, added on, in a variety of forms, gets continuously pushed out through various channels in small chunks – all this needs to become multilingual practically immediately in e-commerce.

Publitrad uses smart connectors to integrate your e-commerce platform, or your wordpress (or other website) with just 1 click.

Smart connectors allow for seamless integration between different systems, making it easier to automate translation processes and reduce the time and costs of translation projects.

You add our API to your website and all the content that you want to be multilingual is pushed for translation (and review) and after completion is pushed back to you. Our clients can expect the same connected experience for translation as with their original content and product updates.

All connected, all integrated in one smart platform. No headaches, no email exchanges, no hassle.


Recently, one of our e-commerce clients that has a successful business in their local market wanted to take advantage of the global e-commerce boom and they reached out to us for translation and localization.

Primarily, this meant thousands of product descriptions to be translated in 7 European languages and secondarily, thousands of product reviews had to be translated from their native language to those languages.

Initially, they estimated over 200 hours of work to extract all the text needed and thousands of words in over 1000 files to be sent to translation in 7 European languages. Not to mention that new products were added daily. They needed a language solution to solve all this without all the hassle.


We offered them our integrated solution for e-commerce websites. Publitrad’s collaborative environment uses a smart API connector to pull all the content from their e-commerce platform and push it directly to our CAT tool.

Our linguists can pick the content assigned to them, perform the tasks required and then, the content is pushed right back to the website. We integrated all management applications into our API.

We migrated hundreds of translation units to our innovative CAT tool and we consolidated them into content type translation memories that can be applied to various projects.

All glossary entries were migrated to our cloud-based online solution for easy management and use.



Publitrad helped save lots of manual labor costs for the extraction of text. More than 90% of pre- and post-processing of product description -related content is now automated. The solution has also increased the productivity of translation project management, terminology management, translation service providers and in-country reviewers, improving both time-to-market and consistency. Offered a collaborative solution that made possible a 36% faster turnaround time for translation.


An overall success for our client that was able to launch the website in 7 different languages, reaching the new audiences the right way. They were simply delighted with the automation and the accuracy of the translation, as we captured and kept the tone and style of their original content in the respective 7 languages.

For us, leveraging the power of smart connectors in modern translation technology means that we can provide our clients with high-quality localization while reducing time and cost.

If you’re an e-commerce retailer that wants to go from local to global in 1 click, contact us today to learn how our experts can help you achieve your goals.

Choose wisely. Choose Publitrad.