Case study

SEO Localization for an E-commerce Website

An E-commerce client was not seeing the desired results, although they already translated their content in several languages, as part of their expansion to new markets. They suspected that their website’s SEO strategy was not optimized for each target market and language.


The primary objective was to increase its organic search rankings and drive more traffic to the website in each target market. To achieve this, we needed to improve their website's SEO strategy, particularly in terms of localizing their content for each language and market.


We gathered our SEO localization experts and conducted a thorough analysis of the company's existing website content and SEO strategy. We identified several areas where the company's SEO strategy could be improved, including:

Keyword research:
We conducted extensive keyword research for each target market and language to identify the most relevant and high-traffic keywords to use in website content. On-page optimization: We optimized website content, including metadata, headings, and alt tags, to align with target language and market search queries. Off-page optimization: We identified relevant and high-authority websites for link building, and we created backlinks that would improve the website's domain authority and search rankings in each target market.


After implementing our SEO localization strategy, the company saw significant improvements in its organic search rankings and website traffic. Specifically, the following results were achieved:


Effective SEO localization is critical for businesses looking to expand their online presence in foreign markets. By working with a translation agency with expertise in SEO localization, businesses can improve their website's visibility, drive more organic traffic, and ultimately increase their sales and revenue. Our team of SEO localization experts helped the e-commerce company achieve its goals by identifying the most relevant keywords, optimizing website content for each target market and language, and building high-quality backlinks to improve search rankings. As a result, the company saw significant improvements in its search engine visibility, organic traffic, and conversion rates.