Innovation in Translation!

PROTEMOS and PUBLITRAD are innovators in the field of authorized translations, coming to the aid of Romanian entrepreneurs, providing freelance translators, and translating agencies and their customers, with the best translation management system that is currently available. PROTEMOUS and PUBLITRAD have partnered up to bring a state of the art CMS system to the market, a fully automated client portal now being used in order to streamline the quotation process.

PUBLITRAD is atomizing its translating management with the objective of optimizing the workflow, reduce the time spent executing each project, and most significantly, for maximizing the overall customer satisfaction, offering clients professional and speedy services.

The atomization of the translation management was made possible by the PROTEMOS platform. The PROTEMOS platform is a CRM of translating which helps freelance translators and translating agents to optimize their working process, allowing them to take full advantage of the time spent performing services, all of these resulting in the increased number of finalized projects and satisfied customers.

PUBLITRAD revolutionizes the field of authorized translations in the year of 2020 by utilizing this SaaS of translating made available by PROTEMOS! PUBLITRAD atomizes its translating management in a time in which only technology can assure the furthering of many Romanian businesses.

The PROTEMOS portal for clients offers PUBLITRAD’S strategic partners the possibility to access all of the data made available for translation projects, all the while employing the usage of this innovative CRM of translating. A partner can benefit from utilizing as many accounts as they want from this portal addressed to the clients. PUBLITRAD is an ever-expanding authorized translation agency, which focuses on innovation, and is willing and eager to adopt any new technologies which would come to the aid of clients and would contribute to their success with the high-quality, high-standard services provided by the company. Time is a precious commodity, and this is precisely why PUBLITRAD decided to adopt and implement this modern system of taking over and processing the translation orders offered by PROTEMOS. Thus, a client’s needs are promptly and efficiently met, eliminating any sort of inadvertent communication or human error.

Given the current social context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the fact that most – if not all – translators are now working from their homes, PUBLITRAD atomizes its translation management in order to assure the continuation of the company’s activity, stacking in one UNIQUE system all of the work-related data accessible by the agency’s translators. Therefore, PUBLITRAD clients can still benefit from translating services, without delays being made in the undertaking of processing, taking over, and resolutions of the orders. Technology offers us the opportunity to further continue our activity in a timely fashion, at the highest of standards, completely eliminating any risks of failing at our tasks. PROTEMOS and PUBLITRAD bring such cutting-edge technology to their clients and partners, remodeling the field of translating in Romania, revamping the workflow of translators, and maximizing customer satisfaction..