Case study

Local Reach Through Multi-Language Localization for Insurance Company

In a bid to enhance their regional presence, a prominent local insurance company embarked on a transformative journey of translation and localization. Their objective was clear: to bridge communication gaps and provide tailored services to their diverse clientele. By deploying a meticulous multi-language localization approach across Czech, Polish, Slovenian, and Armenian markets, the insurance company witnessed a surge in customer engagement, loyalty, and overall growth.

Embracing Multilingual Diversity

Operating in a region with diverse linguistic backgrounds, the Insurance Company faced the challenge of effectively communicating their services to their Czech, Polish, Slovenian, and Armenian customers. Recognizing the power of language in building trust and rapport, the company set out to embrace localization as a cornerstone of their growth strategy.

Holistic Multilingual Localization Strategy

Extensive research unveiled key insights into local preferences, cultural nuances, and regulatory intricacies. Armed with this information, Publitrad enlisted a team of skilled linguists, ensuring that every translation went beyond words and resonated with the heart of each language.

We meticulously localized a range of materials, including policy documents, claims instructions, marketing collateral, and customer support resources. By adapting content to the unique expectations of each market, we aimed to offer a seamless and authentic experience to policyholders.

Empowering Regional Growth Through Language

The multi-language localization strategy reaped remarkable results for ABC Insurance, bolstering their local market presence across Czech, Polish, Slovenian, and Armenian regions. Customer engagement and satisfaction soared as clients could now access insurance-related information in their native languages, eliminating confusion and enhancing overall trust.


Customer Satisfaction
Localization efforts led to a 35% increase in customer satisfaction among non-English speaking policyholders.
Market Expansion
Within just a year, the Insurance Company expanded its market penetration by 25% in target regions.
Efficient Claims Handling
Claims processing times improved by 30%, resulting in happier policyholders and more efficient operations.
Conversion Boost
Localized web content led to a 20% rise in conversion rates on language-specific landing pages.

A Regional Success Story

By harnessing the power of localized communication in Czech, Polish, Slovenian, and Armenian languages, the Insurance Company unlocked a world of possibilities within their local market. The company's commitment to understanding cultural nuances and engaging its diverse clientele paid off, reinforcing the idea that language isn't just a tool but a bridge that connects businesses and customers on a deeper level.