Case study

Translation Solutions for a European Insurance Company's Expansion into East European Countries

As businesses expand their operations into new markets, effective communication becomes paramount. When a prominent European insurance company sought to serve East European countries, they faced the challenge of language barriers and cultural nuances. They approached our translation agency to provide comprehensive translation solutions in four languages. In this case study, we will delve into the strategies and outcomes of our collaboration, highlighting how our expertise facilitated the company’s successful expansion.


Our client, a leading European insurance company with a strong presence in Western Europe, recognized the untapped potential of East European markets. To seize this opportunity, they needed to overcome language barriers and localize their services to effectively engage with customers in these regions. The target countries included Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria.


Language and Cultural Differences
Each target country had its own unique language and cultural nuances, requiring accurate translations that resonated with the local audience.
Regulatory Compliance
Adhering to local regulations and legal requirements was crucial to ensure the company’s operations were in line with each country’s specific guidelines.
Brand Consistency
The company sought to maintain a consistent brand image and messaging across all translated materials, while also catering to the specific preferences of each market.


Team of Native Translators
We assembled a team of professional translators who were native speakers of the target languages (Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, and Bulgarian). Their language expertise and cultural understanding ensured accurate and contextually appropriate translations.
Subject Matter Experts
We assigned translators with deep knowledge of the insurance industry to ensure accurate terminology and effective communication of complex concepts. They were well-versed in insurance policies, claims procedures, and industry-specific terminology.
Localization and Cultural Adaptation
Our team focused on adapting the translations to suit the cultural and linguistic preferences of each target market. We took into account local idioms, expressions, and cultural sensitivities to ensure a seamless and engaging experience for customers.
Regulatory Compliance
We collaborated closely with the company’s legal team and conducted thorough research to ensure that all translated materials complied with local regulations. This included accurately translating policy documents, terms and conditions, and legal disclaimers.
Quality Assurance
To maintain the highest standards of quality, we implemented a rigorous quality assurance process. This involved multiple rounds of proofreading, editing, and review by our experienced linguists, ensuring accurate translations and brand consistency.


Enhanced Market Penetration
By providing accurate translations in the target languages, the insurance company successfully expanded its presence in East European countries. They could effectively communicate their offerings, policies, and services, enabling them to tap into a previously untapped market.
Improved Customer Experience
Localizing the content ensured that customers in each target country received information in their native language. This enhanced customer satisfaction, trust, and engagement, resulting in improved customer experience and long-term loyalty.
Regulatory Compliance
Our meticulous approach to translating legal and regulatory content helped the company navigate complex local requirements seamlessly. This instilled confidence in customers and regulatory authorities, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.
Brand Consistency
While adapting the content to suit the local market preferences, we maintained consistent branding elements across all translated materials. This allowed the company to convey a unified brand image and messaging, fostering brand recognition and credibility.
Time and Cost Efficiency
Our translation services enabled the insurance company to focus on core business activities while leaving the linguistic and cultural aspects to us. This saved them valuable time and resources, allowing for a faster and more cost-effective market entry.


Through our comprehensive translation solutions, the European insurance company successfully overcame language barriers and expanded its operations into East European countries.

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