Pharma / Life science

Case study

Keeping up with SARS CoV - 2 variants

We were approached by AstraZeneca to translate and localize their vaccine materials. The life sciences materials included clinical trial documents, regulatory filing, information leaflets and product labels. They were looking for a comprehensive translation solution


AstraZeneca required translations that were not only linguistically accurate, but also culturally appropriate and adhered to local regulations.

Translation and localization for copious amounts of text with a tight timeline, given the urgency of the global situation.


The challenge was compounded by the worldwide emergency state and the content was highly technical and scientific.

Generally the language combinations we are asked to help with are English to Romanian, English to Bulgarian and English to Hungarian.


  • We assembled a team of experienced medical translation and localization experts to tackle the project.
  • We used our 3-3-3 model and while our linguists thoroughly reviewed the source materials, our project managers prepared the NMT engine and the files to extract the key terminology, creating the needed glossaries.
  • Quality assurance was provided by conducting multiple rounds of review and testing.
  • We engaged in the localization process, which involved adapting the content to suit each and every local market.
  • We ensured that the translations were culturally appropriate and complied with local regulations, including formatting and style conventions.


Publitrad’s life sciences translation and localization services enabled AstraZeneca to smoothly and successfully launch the second phase of the vaccine in the designated countries.
The accuracy of the translated materials helped build trust and credibility.

In a record time of just 30 days, Publitrad completed a large-scale project for our client. The project involved translation and localization of medical literature and was delivered to our client in accordance with the highest quality standards.


  • Dealt with over 100 separate files
  • Complied with local regulations of each designated country
  • Complete accuracy in translating sensitive medical content
  • Completed the entire project in less than 30 days.