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Case study

Translating 100+ SOP Reports for Elekta AB - Nucletron B.V. in a Week

We were entrusted with a significant project by a prominent medical technology company, to translate a substantial volume of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) reports from English to Turkish. This case study outlines the challenges, strategies, and success rate of our team in delivering exceptional results within an impressively short timeframe.

Over 100 SOP Reports in a Tight Timeframe

Elekta AB - Nucletron B.V. approached our agency with the daunting task of translating more than 100 intricate SOP reports, which were vital for their operations in Turkey. The project demanded not only linguistic expertise but also a thorough understanding of the medical terminology and industry-specific jargon. Furthermore, the client set a strict deadline of less than a week, underscoring the urgency of the task.

Leveraging Expertise and Technology

To overcome the formidable challenge, we immediately assembled a highly skilled team of specialized medical translators who possessed extensive experience in handling SOP reports. In addition, we employed cutting-edge translation software and tools, which streamlined the process, ensured consistency, and expedited the turnaround time.

RIGOROUS QUALITY ASSURANCE: Eliminating Errors and Ensuring Accuracy

Despite the tight deadline, we upheld our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of translation quality. Our agency implemented a multi-tiered quality assurance process that included meticulous proofreading, editing, and review stages. This rigorous approach aimed to identify and rectify any potential errors, ensuring that the translated SOP reports adhered to Elekta AB - Nucletron B.V.'s stringent specifications.

Meeting and Exceeding Expectations

The results of our partnership with Elekta AB - Nucletron B.V. were nothing short of exceptional. By the end of the designated time frame, our agency successfully translated all 100+ SOP reports from English to Turkish, surpassing the client's expectations. Our diligent team's commitment to accuracy, linguistic fluency, and adherence to medical terminology played a pivotal role in achieving this feat.


A Testament to Our Efficiency The success of the project can be further demonstrated through key statistics:

Average Daily Output
Throughout the project, our team worked diligently to translate an average of 20 SOP reports per day, showcasing our efficiency in handling large volumes of content without compromising on quality.
Error Rate
Our thorough quality assurance process resulted in an impressively low error rate of less than 1%, demonstrating our commitment to precision and accuracy in medical translations.
Client Satisfaction
Post-project feedback from Elekta AB – Nucletron B.V. indicated a high level of satisfaction with the translated SOP reports, praising our agency for meeting their tight deadline and delivering top-notch work.

In conclusion, the successful translation project with Elekta AB – Nucletron B.V. stands as a testament to our agency’s prowess in the translation industry. Despite the challenges posed by over 100 SOP reports and a tight timeframe, our team of specialized medical translators, coupled with advanced translation technology and rigorous quality assurance, ensured a triumphant outcome. The remarkable statistics, including an average daily output of 20 SOP reports and a minimal error rate, showcase our dedication to efficiency and accuracy.

This case study reaffirms our commitment to delivering high-quality translation services while maintaining strict adherence to client specifications and deadlines. As a senior translator at our agency, I am immensely proud of the team’s efforts and thrilled to have contributed to the success of this vital project for Elekta AB – Nucletron B.V.