PUBLITRAD – leader in the field of translations for 9 years

Each year, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava aims to reward the best performing local companies, by organizing the event “Top Enterprises – Business Excellence Gala”. At this event, Excellence Trophies and Special Prizes are awarded to the most important institutions, companies and enterprises in Suceava County, in order to reward and recognize those entrepreneurs who are capable of innovating and stimulating the economic and social development in Bukovina area.

Publitrad has been a leader in the field of translations for 9 years\"awards\"

Focused on complete quality in all its activities, engaging in a positive tendency towards continuous improvement and always following the corporate philosophy, market differentiation, continuity of activity, efficiency and competitiveness, innovating entrepreneurship, resourcefulness or creativity, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava honored us with an invitation to this event, in order to present us with the excellence prize in the field of translations.

The institutions and enterprises who receive these distinctions become a paragon and point of reference in their sector of activity, locally as well as nationally, through the media impact that benefits this event. Therefore, such recognition can only make us feel proud of all our company’s efforts to actively participate in the local development.
This year too, as well as all the previous years since 2009, we have claimed the first place in our field of activity, which made us tremendously happy, while at the same time acknowledging the recognition of our merits and efforts to always remain on the first place.

First place for written translations and interpreting\"first

The language services provider PUBLITRAD has received the trophy and the first prize for activities of written and oral translation (interpreters) pertaining to code NACE 7430, which is the highest distinction in this field, in the county of Suceava.
Thus, the 28th edition of the event “Top Enterprises – Business Excellence Gala” brought us a new award, highlighting the social recognition and our commitment towards customers, as well as our desire to constantly raise the standards we adhere to.
The first prize motivates us to offer more each year, and to enjoy recognition and distinctions together with other organizations and local entities.

PUBLITRAD believes that success depends on the dedication of our staff. That is why the prize is fully dedicated to all our employees, as it represents an absolute form of recognition which celebrates our achievements, as well as our commitment to the company values.
Since its beginning, PUBLITRAD has been guided by the philosophy of prioritizing the interests of those who engage our services. We became a leading company in this sector, with a prominent local presence, by understanding and respecting the specific needs of people and companies to whom we offer our services.
We believe that it is important to recognize the input of the entire team, because together we contribute to the permanent development of the services provided, to surpass the expectations of everyone who believes in us.

Differentiation criteria\"award

The differentiation criteria by which we were selected to participate in this gala were: net turnover, operating profit, operating profit ratio, efficient use of human resources, as well as efficient use of invested capital. These are applied to size classes and are performed according to the provisions of Law 346/2004 regarding the stimulation of establishment and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises.
Publitrad SRL was chosen as the best language service provider in Suceava County for the eighth consecutive year during the award ceremony of 2018, which took place in Suceava on the 2nd of November, in a small, invitation-only setting, the event being organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava.