Qualities of a great translation partner – how do you know you\’re in the right hands?

Having the right translation partner is extremely important if you want to ensure that you reach the right audience and connect with them just like a local business would. Adequate, accurate translations will really make a difference when it comes to business growth. That’s why you want to know exactly what you can achieve and how you can push the limits to deliver great results. Thus, we are here to help you figure this out and share some ideas to make it easier to identify a great translation partner.

Is your current translation partner right for your business?

This is a question many businesses have and for a very good reason. It can be challenging to narrow things down and figure out exactly the situation at hand and what you can achieve. Focusing on growth and value is very important, and you do want to avoid any rush and focus on making things better every step of the way.

A reliable translation partner will always be honest and transparent with you. They will study and learn about your business, to know exactly what kind of messaging you want to share with the audience and even adjust the translation in a way that truly works. It’s all about bringing a great value and a true range of solutions that convey a wonderful experience. Doing that can indeed make a huge difference every time.

With a good translation partner, you always get to stay ahead of the competitors with great translations and accurate, localized information. The right translation partner doesn’t just translate words to another language. They give you an insight into the culture of that country and make it easier to adapt your sales tactics. That’s what you want to find in a true translation partner, otherwise you will be missing out and that’s one of the things you really need to take into consideration.

Should I look for other options?

Before you choose any other option, it’s better to analyze your current translation partner and see what they are delivering. There are many different metrics that you need to keep in mind, each one with its fair share of pros and cons. That’s why you must pay close attention and take a bit of time to ensure everything is working as expected. It’s definitely not going to be easy to find a strong translation partner but doing so can indeed pay off big time.

What should I consider when doing this analysis?

There are a lot of different aspects that are important when you try to find an ideal translation partner. It all comes down to your business and what you expect, but if you do that right, the benefits can be nothing short of incredible. With that being said, here are the translation partner qualities you want to pursue.

A passion for languages

A good translation expert doesn’t just translate from one language to the other. What they do is they understand all intricacies and retain the original aspect of the text. As you may know, lots of things can be lost in translation, so a great translation professional will help prevent that.

A strong sense of curiosity

The best translation partner is that company that has a lot of knowledge in various different fields. There are many times when you must interact with different industries. Stuff like that is what really shines and stands out, and it’s definitely one of the things you want to take into consideration.


Rigor and attention

Generally, the best translators are extremely rigorous. They want to extract the true meaning of the text and not just cling to every word. If you have someone clinging to every word, that becomes an issue and you want to avoid it as much as you can. You also want to make your audience matter, as that alone is an important aspect to take into consideration. That can really make a difference here.

Respecting Deadlines

This is a big one, because a business usually is on the clock with most tasks, translations being included here. You always want to ensure that your translation partner knows how to deal with timelines, as simple stuff like that can indeed pay off more than you might expect. It’s one of those things that make a difference.

It also means a good translation partner is usually very patient. The right translator will always do lots of research, ask for information and just communicate thoroughly. That’s the most important thing and doing that will indeed provide the right results.


The last thing you want is for your translation partner to be very strict. Ideally, you want to ensure that you have a flexible partnership, as that’s what’s the most important thing. Working with a team that can adapt to your needs is crucial and it will help make the process easier. Plus as we said, communication is key and it’s stuff like that which helps make a difference here.


Honesty is one of those qualities that you expect in every business partner. The same can be said when it comes to finding a translation partner as well. An honest, professional translation team will always work hard to bring your vision to life, ensure they work within your deadlines and give it to you straight when necessary. You don’t want “YES” people, you want true professionals. That’s the stuff to keep in mind, and results can be great because of that.

Willingness to revise

Not every piece of work will be perfect. That doesn’t mean you have to penalize a translation partner for any issue. Instead, you want to work on revisions. Ideally, a reliable translation team will always focus on revising and making sure everything is adapted accordingly. It’s not going to be easy, but at the end of the day having a proper translation partner is crucial and it will offer amazing results without having to deal with a lot of back and forth.

Working with NDAs

In the business world you will always have situations when you must work with NDAs. That’s actually a more common thing that you realize, so implementing NDAs is actually a crucial thing to take into consideration. That’s the reason why you want to work with a translation team which is ok with NDAs, that can help a lot and it will certainly convey extraordinary results and benefits.



Finding the right translation partner is extremely important and there are many different qualities to focus on. It’s important to assess your current translation partner and see how they work, the results they can bring and so on. The more you know about that, the better the outcome will be. Just make sure that you assess your current translation partner and see if there’s time for an upgrade. There are many different qualities and features you want to think about, so doing that can indeed be important. Just use it as an advantage and focus on finding the very best translation partner that can help catapult your business to the next level!

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