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Study Case Real Estate - English to French

We were approached by Cote D’Azur Domicile, a leading real estate company in the south of France, to assist them with translating and localizing a wide range of documents. Cote D’Azur Domicile had a pressing need for accurate translations of various documents, including sales and purchase agreements, delivery-receipt official reports, certificates, identity documents, presentations of real estate, sites, brochures and portfolios, and official documents from state institutions.


The documents that needed translation were extensive and covered a wide range of topics, including property listings, sales and purchase agreements, brochures, marketing materials, and legal documents. The challenge was not only the amount of material that needed to be translated, but also the variety of technical language that was specific to the real estate industry.


Our team of expert linguists worked closely with the client to ensure that all of their translation needs were met within the tight deadlines they had set. We used a combination of machine translation and human editing to ensure a high level of accuracy while also maintaining an efficient turnaround time.


We assembled a team of experienced translators that possessed a deep understanding of Greek culture and history. The translators collaborated closely with subject-matter experts to ensure accurate and consistent translation of technical terms, preserving the essence of the content. A rigorous quality assurance process was implemented, including thorough proofreading, editing, and cross-checking, to maintain the highest standard of translation.

Additionally, we assigned a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire process and ensure that all translation work was consistent and in line with the client's requirements

Our translators worked diligently to ensure that all of the documents were translated with the highest degree of accuracy, paying close attention to the nuances of the languages and the specific legal terminology required for each document. They also made sure to localize the translations, adapting them to the cultural context of the target audience to ensure that they were culturally sensitive and appropriate.

Throughout the translation process, we used the latest translation software and tools to ensure a smooth workflow and to maintain consistency across all of the documents. Once the translations were complete, we worked closely with the client to provide proofreading and editing services to ensure that all documents were error-free and ready for publication. We also offered desktop publishing services to ensure that the final documents were formatted and presented in a way that was visually appealing and professional.

The result of our work was a successful and seamless translation process that exceeded the client's expectations. The real estate agency was impressed with the quality of the translations, as well as the speed and efficiency of our services. They were able to expand their business operations into the French-speaking market with confidence, knowing that their documents had been translated accurately and professionally.

Our team's ability to deliver high-quality translations at lightning speed is what sets us apart from the competition.IIt was a pleasure to play a key role in helping the real estate company expand their business and build meaningful connections across languages and cultures.