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Case study

Real Estate Success through Expert Translation Services

Publitrad partnered with a prominent luxury real estate agency to optimize their global marketing efforts. The core aim was to provide accurate and culturally nuanced translations that would bridge language barriers and maximize the real estate agency’s engagement with international buyers.


The luxury real estate agency faced the challenge of effectively communicating the exclusivity and value of their high-end properties to a diverse international clientele. Language intricacies, cultural sensitivities, and real estate-specific terminology variations presented significant obstacles to seamless cross-border communication.


Publitrad designed a comprehensive translation strategy that focused on precision, cultural resonance, and consistency:

Expert Translators with Domain Knowledge
Publitrad assembled a team of seasoned linguists and real estate specialists, ensuring the translation accuracy while capturing the essence and unique selling points of each property.
Cultural Nuances in Focus
The translation process incorporated cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions, ensuring that property descriptions resonated with target audiences across languages and cultures.
Omnichannel Cohesion
Publitrad extended its expertise to translate a variety of materials, including property listings, brochures, digital campaigns, and website content, fostering a seamless and unified brand message across all platforms.


Global Market Expansion
Within just six months, the luxury real estate agency’s website witnessed an impressive 40% surge in international traffic. This underscored the successful penetration of previously untapped markets.
Increased Conversion Rates
Translated property listings experienced a substantial 30% rise in inquiries from international prospects. This indicated heightened interest and engagement due to the improved quality of communication.
Diverse Clientele Influx
The translated materials attracted prospective buyers from diverse regions such as China, Russia, and the Middle East, leading to a robust 25% increase in international clients pursuing high-value real estate transactions.
Accelerated Sales Process
The enhanced communication streamlined the sales process, as evidenced by the luxury real estate agency’s observation of a significant 20% reduction in the average time properties spent on the market.
Positive Brand Perception
By providing information in the native languages of prospects, the luxury real estate agency cultivated a strong foundation of trust and credibility. This manifested in a notable 15% increase in repeat business from international clients.
Substantial Revenue Uplift
The seamless integration of Publitrad’s expert multilingual translation services resulted in a remarkable 50% increase in revenue from international property sales within the first year.


The collaborative effort between Publitrad and the luxury real estate agency underscores the pivotal role of expert translation services in reshaping the global trajectory of real estate businesses. By transcending linguistic barriers and infusing cultural understanding into every communication touchpoint, the luxury real estate agency experienced unparalleled success in expanding its international presence and solidifying its reputation as a premier player catering to the discerning needs of global property buyers. This case study serves as a vivid testament to the transformative potential of strategic translation within the real estate domain, highlighting the profound impact it can have on business growth and global outreach.