Case study

Localization services for a Gastronomy App

A leading Gastronomy App developer, offering a platform that connects food enthusiasts with diverse culinary experiences around the world, sought our trusted translation agency to provide top-notch localization services that would enable them to penetrate global markets effectively while maintaining the highest level of accuracy and authenticity.


The primary challenge for our client was to ensure their gastronomy App resonated with users in different countries, taking into account the cultural nuances, culinary preferences, and language intricacies of each target market. They were determined to maintain a consistent brand identity while adapting the app's content to reflect local culinary customs and traditions. The project required flawless translation and localization in 25 languages, demanding meticulous attention to detail and the ability to capture the essence of each locale accurately.

Localization Strategy and Execution
Our team of skilled translators and localization experts meticulously designed a comprehensive localization strategy to meet the client’s objectives. The strategy encompassed the following key steps:
Cultural Research and Adaptation
that allowed us to adapt the app’s content, including menu descriptions, ingredient names, and culinary terms, to resonate authentically with local users while maintaining the highest level of accuracy.
Linguistic Excellence and Localization
Our experienced linguists, who were native speakers of the target languages, carried out the translation process with meticulous attention to detail. They applied their linguistic expertise to ensure idiomatic expressions, cultural references, and culinary terminology were accurately conveyed, enhancing the user experience and engagement.
User Interface and Design Localization
Our design and localization specialists worked hand in hand to adapt the app’s user interface (UI) and design elements to suit the visual preferences and expectations of each target market. This included adjusting colors, fonts, icons, and layout to create a seamless and immersive user experience tailored to local cultural norms.
Quality Assurance and User Testing
To ensure the highest level of accuracy and functionality, our team conducted rigorous quality assurance checks and user testing in each target language. This meticulous approach allowed us to identify and address any linguistic or technical issues, ensuring a flawless user experience for every user, regardless of their language or cultural background.


The client witnessed a significant increase in user engagement and positive feedback from users worldwide. The localization efforts in 25 languages showcased our commitment to precision and authenticity, fostering trust and loyalty among the app's users. By capturing the essence of each local culinary experience, our localization services helped the client create an immersive and tailored user journey, establishing their Gastronomy App as the go-to platform for culinary enthusiasts worldwide.


Through our tailored localization services, we helped our client conquer the challenges of expanding their Gastronomy App into diverse global markets. With a focus on maintaining the highest level of accuracy and authenticity, our team ensured that users in 25 languages could indulge in local culinary experiences seamlessly. Our commitment to precision and cultural adaptation enabled the client to establish a strong brand presence and drive user engagement, cementing their position as a leading player in the global gastronomy scene.