Case study

24.000 words from English to Bulgarian in 24 hours

Recently a client came to us with a challenge: they needed 24.000 words translated from English to Bulgarian in 24 hours. Some LSPs would say impossible but not Publitrad.

Machine Translation (MT) is a powerful technology that is revolutionizing the way companies get their messages across borders.

Neural Machine Technology is the latest development in this field, providing significant improvements in translation speed. But does it deliver quality as well? There is no simple answer. The truth of the matter is you still need the human translation to cater to language specificities, cultural and regional mannerisms, terminology nuances and subtleties.

Back to our client and the challenge:


We formed a collaborative environment - a team of expert linguists and our custom NMT engine and got to work immediately. Our custom NMT was fed the previous TMs provided by the client, fast-speeding the learning and adapting to the language specifics from the previously translated document and then applied it to the files for translation. This not only helped with speed, but also with accuracy and fluency of the translation.


The human side of this collaboration was made of 2 translators and 1 reviewer that worked in perfect synchronization. As soon as one segment was post edited by the translators, the reviewer could start editing. The NMT allowed us to speed the translation up, while our specialists monitored the quality of the translation closest, reviewing the output and making the necessary corrections to ensure the final text was natural-sounding.


We used our 3-3-3 model: our Project Managers prepared the NMT engine, our Linguistic Support Coordinator extracted the key terminology from the files and created the glossaries needed, ensuring the team maintained consistency

One of the biggest challenges with any translation project is maintaining consistency throughout text. So, we used our 3-3-3 model in approaching this project. Our PMs prepared the NMT engine and the files and our Linguistic Support Coordinator extracted the Key terminology from the files and created the glossaries needed in order to make sure the translation team maintains consistency and conformity throughout the project.


Despite the tight deadline, we were able to deliver the entire project on time, with all 24.000 words translated accurately and fluently in just 24 hours. Our client was delighted not only with the speed of delivery but mostly with the quality of the translation.

Quality truly is the main feature of the services we provide.


Our success in numbers:

  • We achieved almost 50% more translation speed.
  • We used 50% less resources.
  • We were able to maintain better consistency and mitigate errors.
  • 100% business level service quality
The product was ready to lunch on the exact date, without any setbacks.